Places to visit at Marsden Moor

Buckstones Edge on Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire

Explore the varying landscape and wildlife at National Trust's Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire,

Pule Hill

An impressive rocky outcrop offering incredible 360 degree views over much of the estate. A fantastic place to visit when the sun is beating down on it but equally as spectacular on a day when there is snow on the ground. Explore Pull Hill quarry to discover the Marsden Moor Stanza Stone poem.


A great place to enjoy the dramatic landscape of Marsden Moor; visit our car park on the A640 for magnificent views across the Upper Colne Valley, across Close Moss and out to Pule Hill and beyond.


This scheduled ancient monument lies on the edge of the moorland at the confluence of two streams. Dating back to the 17th-century, Eastergate Bridge is an old Packhorse bridge once used by Galloway ponies to transport baskets of wool from Huddersfield to Rochdale.

Wessenden Valley

Just outside Marsden village is the Wessenden Valley, a picturesque valley dominated by a series of four reservoirs. A great place for a gentle stroll or join the Pennine Way for a more strenuous yomp across the moors.

White Moss

The most southern part of our Estate, White Moss, is an area of particularly wet and boggy habitat, home to lots of moorland birds. In recent years we have been doing lots of footpath improvements across White Moss, laying a flag stone path to improve access and reduce erosion

Framing the Landscape

'Many people look but only a few see'
We are pleased to host the first frame of Framing the Landscape, a project by watercolour artist Ashley Jackson. His aim is to re-engage local communities and visitors with the special landscapes on our doorstep in Yorkshire by creating a permanent outside art exhibition.
Find out more about Framing the Landscape