Current repair and maintenance work at Max Gate

A man fixing replacement stainless steel wall ties on the red brick exterior walls of Max Gate house

We're in the process of replacing the house's rusting iron wall ties with new stainless steel ones between now and October 2017.

What are wall ties?

When he designed and built Max Gate in 1885, Thomas Hardy was among the first architects to incorporate iron wall ties into the construction of the cavity walls.The cavity serves to keep the two leaves of brickwork apart, preventing damp from passing from the outside to the inside of the wall.

Why they need replacing

Early metal ties were typically cast or wrought iron either untreated or dipped in tar and sand before being put in the wall. The ties span the cavity to give the wall structural stability. These wall ties are now rusting and causing the brickwork to crack.

A phased approach

To prevent further damage we are replacing the wall ties with new stainless steel ones. The work is being carried out in phases from now until October 2017 and will cost approximately £140,000.  Your visit to Max Gate will help to pay for this, and similar vital repair work.