We're looking for volunteers for an advisory group

A sunrise view of Minchinhampton Common, Gloucestershire, looking towards Burleigh from near Bownham

Do you live in the local area and would like to work alongside the National Trust in caring for Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons? If the answer's yes then we've got the perfect volunteer role for you...

Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons are of immense significance in terms of nature conservation, geology, archaeology and cultural history. To the people of Stroud and the surrounding areas the Commons are also enormously beneficial both physically and emotionally.

The National Trust acquired the Commons in 1913 and the Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons Advisory Committee was established in 2000, replacing the original Local Management Committee.

The Advisory Committee meet four times a year and its role is to work alongside and in partnership with the National Trust and be a vital link with the local community. Members can also choose which sub-group to be a part of, which currently includes vehicles, scrub management and parlance (communication/engagement).

A colourful past time on Minchinhampton Common
A young child flying a multi-coloured kite on Minchinhampton Common

On a meeting in July 2015 it was agreed that the Committee wasn’t working as effectively as it could be. Advice was taken from existing members, external organisations and National Trust consultants on how improvements could be made.

One of the outcomes agreed was that all National Trust representatives would stand down and those who want to can apply for re-election. Furthermore a friends group, including ex-committee members, will be established and kept involved.

In addition, the Committee are now focused on attracting new members to the group and are inviting applications, particularly representatives from local schools, volunteer groups, conservation organisations, local businesses and local residents.

Talking about the importance of the Committee Simon Larkins, General Manager of Heart of the Cotswolds and North Somerset comments ‘The Commons are widely used and we see this Committee playing a pivotal role, working together and connecting with the community.’

Spectacular views, limestone grassland and a variety of flora and fauna
Rodborough Common, grazing cattle, Gloucestershire

The role of a Committee member involves being an advocate for the National Trust and recognising its values and behaviours. The role also requires helping the National Trust to be accountable and transparent in how it works, and giving honest feedback on how well it is delivering on its ambitions.

The role would be perfect for anyone who is passionate about the Commons as a special place, good at working collaboratively and building relationships, and able to bring ideas that will positively help to care for the Commons for future generations.

Anyone who would like to apply to be part of the Committee should email lucy.smith@nationaltrust.org.uk with a short written statement explaining why they wish to join, their skills and what they can bring by the 11 April 2016.

The role profile can be dound here: Role Profile (PDF / 0.1416015625MB) download