Wildlife corridors

Bees love wildflowers

Corridors improve connectivity between habitats, helping plants and animals to move between them.

Many of the bats at Woodchester Park find their way by using the woodland edges, trees and hedgerows or 'corridors' to forage for food. Greater horseshoe bats use these corridors to move between their summer roost site in the mansion and winter sites located in mines on the edges of Minchinhampton Common.

Bats love to fly at night
Bats love to fly at night
Bats love to fly at night

Linking the Commons

We're linking the satellite commons at Nailsworth and Ironmills to Minchinhampton by keeping the woodland corridors open. This makes it easier for the cattle and plants like the juniper to move around.

Our tenant on the Ebworth estate is helping too by creating new limestone grassland. This has helped to link the fantastic species-rich grasslands of Sheepcombe and Cranham Commons.