Volunteer at Minnowburn

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We do a wide range of work at Minnowburn and we're always looking for help, so no matter what you'd like from volunteering we'd like to help.

In the past we've worked with business groups, schools, youth groups and other organisations, while individuals are also very welcome.

What you can get up to

We can offer outdoor activities such as gardening, woodland management or countryside maintenance work, while there is also potential for some wildlife and environmental studies or even historical research. If you'd like to build up experience, or even if you just fancy some outdoor work and have skills that you think might be useful around our property, let us know.

Weekend volunteer group

If you're not free during the week, why not join our regular weekend volunteer group? Between the Belfast and Strangford properties, we have a variety of activities across a range of beautiful sites.

Some of our projects volunteers have helped with

  • We recreated and replanted the Rose Garden at Terrace Hill from scratch, all with the help of volunteers.
  • Winding through the Beech woods beside the Ballynahatty Road, the woodland path couldn't have been created without volunteer power.
  • When the old gazebo in the community allotments needed reconstructed, it was an ideal volunteer project and provides a haven for our gardeners.