Dogs at Montacute House

Women and dog walking in a lush green field at Montacute House in Somerset

You are welcome to enjoy the gardens and parkland with your owners throughout the season. When you’re walking around the gardens, please make sure that you are on a lead and keep to the paths.

Welcome to our four-legged friends

Get out and explore the parkland but please ask your owners to keep you on a lead or close control, so that you don’t chase or worry our woolly friends who call the parkland their home.

Out and about

Why not pick up one of our Out and About guides when you next visit our shop or reception. They have lots of walks for you to explore in the wider parkland, with interesting things for you find.

Tempting treat

After your walk, why not stop off for a well deserved warm cuppa and a free doggy treat from the Courtyard Café.