What's about in Morden Hall Park?

Morden Hall Park Holly Blue

Our Nature Group members are out in the park regularly spotting wildlife out in the park.

Here are the wildlife sightings recorded by the Nature Group in Morden Hall Park. You will find the most recent appearing at the top. This gives you an idea of what you might see yourself and some clues if you're not sure what you might have seen!


03 Mar 17


2 X Egyptian Goose 3 X Canada Goose 1 X Robin

04 Mar 17

Signs of Spring

This year the Nature Group is recording the first signs of spring for the Nature's Calendar survey established by the Woodland Trust. Today a couple of Colt's-foot plants have bean spotted which is one of the signs we are looking out for. For this information to become valuable we have to record the signs year after year and compare the results. This data helps show whether spring is beginning earlier or later than in previous years.

Morden Hall Park Colt's-foot A Sign of Spring

06 Mar 17

Signs of Spring Continued

Today another sign of spring has been spotted. A brimstone butterfly was seen in the park. This is the first butterfly we have recorded in Morden Hall Park in 2017.

Morden Hall Park brimstone butterfly on a leaf