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If you have a passion, want to develop skills, or simply want to meet more people Moseley Old Hall might be the place for you!

We have a number of roles across the property here at Moseley, each as vital as the next in capturing and sharing the spirit of the story and the National Trust. Although we welcome individuals to express an interest in any position they feel suited for or interested in, we are currently looking specifically for a few roles to be filled.

Visitor Reception and Retail

A bustling, busy, exciting environment where you will share the aims, cause and message of the National Trust at Moseley Old Hall with visitors. Working alongside the Membership and Retail team, you will be promoting National Trust membership, serving customers, helping with back office work, and being one of the first smiling faces to meet and greet the visitors.


We are looking for savvy volunteers with confidence, able to strike up exciting conversations with our visitors about Conservation work being undertaken across the property. Using these skills will enable you to engage our visitors in financially supporting the property through raffle ticket, food and beverage, and speciality talk sales.


If you’re keen to work as part of a friendly, exciting, hands-on team, the Tea Room is for you. You will be working with staff and other volunteers to deliver exceptional customer service, being friendly, patient, and engaging with visitors, promoting Trust messages and attitudes.


We need weekend volunteers for our Visitor Information Point – Muster Point. Our regular Muster Pointers will need to have a very sociable personality, ability to retain and share information about what is happening across site, and also happy to work closely with Tea Room and Visitor Reception.

Room Guides

As we become a busier site, we have a lot more visitors choosing to see the house on a non-tour basis. As a room guide, you will engage in conversations, give directions, and be a helpful source of information in any given room. Your role will not be to walk the house with the visitors, but to hone in on the special stories of individual rooms, and how they fit in to the story as a whole.

Tour Guides

Moseley Old Hall has a strong story which can be appreciated by young and old alike, and as a tour guide it would be your responsibility to lead groups of about 15-20 people on a whirlwind adventure back to 1651. 

Learning Volunteers

We have an award winning school programme at Moseley Old Hall, where we welcome children of all ages to learn about our story and life in the 17th century. As a learning volunteer you will help deliver exceptional activities, often in costume, to bring the past to life.

Volunteer Star meets and greets visitors at Moseley with her owner Sheila
Star volunteering at Moseley
Volunteer Star meets and greets visitors at Moseley with her owner Sheila

We look forward to meeting you! Please ring our office on 01902 625450 or email moseleyoldhall@nationaltrust.org.uk if you have any questions.