Key Stage 2

Children pond dipping at Mount Stewart

Discover, understand, engage.....

Subject: The Arts, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, The World Around Us

Bug day
Mini-beast hunting, pond dipping and other fun activities allow pupils to discover more about the fascinating world of creepy crawlies, the habitats they live in and the animals and birds that depend on them for survival. Pupils will make their own weird and wonderful bug to bring home.

Subject: The Arts, Language and Literacy, The World Around Us

Spring, summer and autumn walks
Pupils explore the gardens and lake to learn all about the seasonal happenings of the plants and wildlife here, including our cheeky red squirrels. Pupils will use seasonal materials to create their own souvenir of their visit.
Autumn tree trail
Pupils become tree detectives and use the clues of tree shape, bark, seed and leaves to identify a selection of native and non-native common trees, and a few unusual ones too. They will make their own Mount Stewart bookmark using autumn leaves.

Subject: Language and Literacy, Physical Development and Movement, The World around Us

This is a new outdoors programme for KS2 which explores the ecosystem and secret world of the wildlife and habitats of Mount Stewart estate and the wider Strangford Lough area. This session will encourage exploration to develop pupils’ interest and understanding of the world around them while developing survey and tracking skills. Games and activities will help pupils understand how birds and animals communicate, forage and protect their young.

Subject: The Arts, Language and Literacy, PDMU, The World around Us

Symbolism and identity
Particularly suitable for primaries six and seven. Mount Stewart is rich in personal symbolism that reflects the Londonderry family and in particular, the interests and passions of Edith, Lady Londonderry. It is a perfect place to uncover the meanings of flags and heraldry and consider their importance to the individual. Pupils will also visit Tir na nOg, the magnificent family burial site, to look for the Celtic symbolism which surrounds it and walk to the White Stag and Jubilee Avenue to listen to a Celtic legend. The whimsical animal statuary on the Dodo Terrace and beautiful gardens all demonstrate how we can find ways to express our personalities and what is important to us through different mediums.

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