Mount Stewart Main Car Park Project Complete

View of sunset from Main Car Park at Mount Stewart

Mount Stewart welcomes over 235,000 visitors a year who come to enjoy the majestic house, world-class gardens and historic woodland walks. To ensure we can accommodate our growing visitor numbers we completed an improvement project for our main car park which was reopened on the 22nd of February 2020.

In an effort to deliver the best visitor experience we are invested in a project to make significant improvements to the main car park which reopened on the 22nd Feburary 2020.

This project has delivered the following benefits:

  • A new layout with easier to access car park spaces and improved markings
  • A new footpath along the lough shore side of the car park
  • A new viewing point to take in the views of Strangford Lough
  • An increase on Blue Badge spaces (from 8 to 12)
  • An increase in regular parking spaces (from 96 to 107)
  • Improved safety features including additional pedestrian crossing points and traffic calming features
Overview of new car park layout for Mount Stewart
Image of the new car park layout for Mount Stewart
Overview of new car park layout for Mount Stewart