As the light changes so does this unique gem

Visitors enjoy some items in the archive

This autumn there is something for everyone. Take a turn around the garden, and watch as the leaves begin to change. In the orchard, the later apples are blooming for the last harvest of the year or even pick up a conker as they begin to fall. As the house team prepare for the annual conservation clean, there is still time to visit us before we close for another year on 3 November 2018.

Inside the house, the light continues to change. The amazing wallpaper, colourful textiles and floor coverings take on new hues as the sun begins to drop in the sky. This year why not join us for a behind the scenes exclusive visit in the evenings of the 16 and 17 October 2018, the warming colours of the wallpaper, and as the evidence of family hobbies and past times come out of the drawers and cupboards and the blinds are dropped on this unique family home its a perfect time to come a visit us after the hustle and bustle of the summer.

Our Worksop Walk continues into the Autumn this year too, and explores the Straw family relationships with the town. As the leaves begin to fall listen to the crunch under your steps as you wander the same paths as the family and discover where they worked, worshipped and wandered. Take a look up above the shop fronts and see the unique beauty of this market town off set by the morning light.

This half term, take a tour around the house and see what you can find or just unwind with a book from the bookshop, and let your mind drift to another world. As the weather remains a little warmer there is still time to sit and listen to the last bird calls as they prepare for the winter time too.

As the colder weather draws in, its time to uncover some of the treasures the team continue to care for as we step behind the scenes with our Putting the House To Bed Tours in early 1-3 November. Ever wondered what it takes to care for 30, 000 objects, or what we get up to for four months over the winter period? This is the tour for you, discover the skills and techniques used to care for this collection, and how we go about our annual conservation clean.

To visit Mr Straw's House please do ring in advance to book your timed tour on 01909 482380.