Enjoy green outdoor spaces at Mr Straw's House

Enjoy tea in the garden at Mr Straws

It’s been a cold and feisty winter but that’s all the more reason to get out into nature and welcome spring with open arms.

The greenery is returning, animals are waking up and daring to leave their cosy burrows and the warmth of the sun makes a world of difference.

We know that the Straw’s enjoyed getting out into nature, walking the footpaths and building on their shared passion for gardening and when the family first moved out to Blyth Grove it must have been quite a change from their previous home. 

Living above the shop might have given them a handy commute but it also deprived them of green outdoor space, something they were to have plenty of at Endcliffe Villa with two gardens and an orchard.

Apples in the Gardens at Mr Straw's house

Why not make the most of your visit this spring and take the time to relax in the green outdoor spaces on Blyth Grove, the Straw’s quiet oasis from the hustle and bustle of Worksop? 

Whether a refreshing drink basking in the sun at one of our tea garden tables is right up your street, or you fancy unpacking a picnic amongst the trees in the orchard and playing a game of Smite, there’s something for everyone.

Hunt for Bugs at Mr Straw's House

If that all sounds too strenuous why not get comfortable in a deckchair, or take the time to admire Walter’s fascinating collection of cacti in the greenhouse,  whiling away the hours in the tranquillity of the Straw’s family garden?