Exhibitions at Newark

James Power Clutterbuck at Gallipoli

We host a range of exhibitions at Newark Park throughout the year, which can be found in the Exhibition Gallery on the top floor of Newark House. The spring exhibitions change every 5 weeks, so there is a new display to see every time you visit. The exhibitions are curated by local artists and groups, and are often inspired by the Cotswolds, with some artworks available to buy to take home with you. From 21st June until 3 December the Exhibition Gallery will play host to the story of James Power-Clutterbuck, the last heir to Newark Park who died fighting in WWI in 1917.

Our current exhibition: 'Remembering 1917: commemorating James Power-Clutterbuck'

In May 1917 James Power-Clutterbuck, aged 23, joined the Royal Flying Corps, having previously served on the Western Front. He had just recovered from a battle wound injury, a year after his recovery from a bad injury which he sustained whilst serving in Gallipoli in 1915.

Yet on 25 June 1917, weeks after joining the Royal Flying Corps, James died when his plane was shot down by the famous German pilot Manfred Von Richthofen, better known as the Red Baron.

James was the last heir to Newark Park, and it was his name that his mother left Newark to the National Trust in 1949.

This exhibition commemorates the centenary since the death of James Power-Clutterbuck, and will share the personal story of Newark's last heir, as well as providing further information about the state of the war in 1917.

Newark's 2017 exhibition schedule:

4 February - 20 March :          Grasslands of the Stroud Valleys - Deborah Roberts

22 March - 7 May:       West Country Images by David Gamm

9 May - 19 June:    Gentleman Clothier's Houses

21 June - 3 December: Remembering 1917: commemorating James Power-Clutterbuck