Fur, feathers and slime

The estate is home to many animals, birds and creepy crawlies. Most live here all year round but some only stay for a few months. Here are just a few of our favourites that you can find living at Newark Park.

Brown hare crouching in the grass

Brown hare

You can often see brown hares in the fields that surround the car park. If you're out for a walk along one of the estate trails, you might see one dart out of the woodland and shoot across the track.

A yellowhammer singing in a hedgerow


Even before you arrive in the car park, you may see the unmistakeable flash of the yellowhammer in the hedgerows along the road that leads to Newark Park.

A toad enjoying a rest


If you've never experienced the sheer numbers of these tiny amphibian youngsters leaving their birth ponds for the first time, you're in for quite a surprise.

Kestrels are renowned for their ability to hover

Birds of prey

Don't forget to look up during your visit. Birds of prey can often be seen gliding through the skies above Newark Park.

A little owl perching on a branch

Little owls

Although the small population of little owls have recently disappeared from the estate, we're hoping to tempt them back.