Soundscape transports you to the coast

Martyn Ware listens to coastal sounds in Brighton for soundscape
Published : 21 Mar 2016 Last update : 22 Mar 2016

Musician and producer Martyn Ware has released an 82-minute coastal soundscape inspired by the hundreds of sounds recorded during our 2015 ‘Sounds of our Shores’ project.

Martyn, one of the founding members of The Human League and Heaven 17, describes his soundscape 'Sea Inside Us All' as ‘cinema for the mind’. It takes listeners on a sonic journey into a world of rich, diverse and beautiful sounds from the UK coastline.

The sounds used include a classic ghost train ride in an amusement arcade, a Cornish folk song and people walking along a shingle beach.

A unique composition

Martyn said: ‘It’s been a genuine pleasure to create this unique composition featuring the amazing sounds that people have recorded around our magnificent and characterful coastline.

‘I’ve tried to create an emotional journey around all the elements that connect us all to the coast and the seaside. This has been beautifully enhanced by my son Gabriel Ware’s orchestral compositions.

‘You will be transported to places of fond reminiscence and imagination with the help of this cinema for the mind.’

To get a taste of the 'Sea Inside Us All' or to listen to the full work for free, click play on the SoundCloud player below or click on the Audioboom links at the bottom of this page. Please do share your thoughts on twitter using #shoresounds.


Recording the coast

For the ‘Sounds of our Shores’ crowd-sourced project we collaborated with the British Library and National Trust for Scotland during the summer of 2015. It was part of our celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Neptune Coastline Campaign.

To hear all the sounds submitted as part of the project, follow the British Library sound map link below.

More than 680 sounds were uploaded on to the sound map via Audioboom from 10,800 miles of coastline including the intensity of the Fog Horn on the Lizard in Cornwall to the drama of heavy waves on Orkney.  

Our area ranger at Formby Kate Martin said listening to the soundscape gives her an instant feeling of calm in a manic world. ‘It stirs so many pleasant memories and feelings from throughout my life and genuinely slowed my pulse and put a smile on my face.

‘I was transported to many different times of my life, from happy childhood seaside holidays, to foggy days working on the beach at Formby and many more besides. You really cannot overstate how evocative sounds are.’

Views of the parkland at Trelissick over the Cariick Roads

Coast & beaches 

As an island nation, we all feel a strong connection to the coast. Plan your visit now.