Nymans bookshop

The second-hand bookshop at Nymans

One of the National Trust's most popular bookshops, every year the proceeds from the sale of secondhand books fund vital conservation projects across the estate.

Warm up beside the fire in the bookshop
Warm up beside the fire in the bookshop

The bookshop

From its location in the centre of the garden, over 25,000 books are sold each year with funds raised going towards vital conservation projects across the estate. From fiction and crime to gardening and natural history - hundreds of titles are regularly updated by a dedicated team of volunteers who keep the bookshop open 363 days of the year. 

We stock titles that appeal to a vast range of interests, from modern fiction to vintage books. Many visitors have been delighted to find a book for which they have been searching for several years.

We are always happy to receive donations of books and these can be left at Nymans Reception.

A volunteer in the bookshop
A volunteer in the bookshop

Collector's books

We are fortunate to receive some donations of older and often more valuable books.

Some of these are for sale in the bookshop and are generally priced at under £10. There is also a list of the other titles we hold – if you are interested in one of these please ask the volunteer in the bookshop or email us nymansbookshop@nationaltrust.org.uk and we will contact you with more information.

A list of some of the collectable books we hold can be found in the two pdfs listed at the bottom of this page.

We would like thank everyone who has supported us over the 8 years of our existence, whether that has been in the donation or purchase of books. It is through this support that we have been able to have an eclectic mix of titles in a lovely atmosphere which we know has made us such a popular destination.

Collectors books available at Nymans (PDF / 0.6826171875MB) download

Signed books available from Nymans autumn 2017 (PDF / 0.787109375MB) download