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Full of unique items and gift ideas, all profits from the shop at Nymans go straight back into looking after this beautiful place.

Find a copy of John Hilary's book on the Messel family for sale in the shop.
John Hilary's book about the Messel family is on sale now at Nymans
Find a copy of John Hilary's book on the Messel family for sale in the shop.

From Refugees to Royalty - The remarkable story of the Messel family of Nymans. 

With over 120 historically sourced illustrations, this is the first book to trace the journey of the Messel family from refugees to royalty. Full of colour, heartache and celebrity, this is their remarkable story. Written by John Hilary, a great-great grandson of Ludwig Messel, who founded the garden at Nymans in 1895. This hardback edition is available from the shop priced at £25.

An array of autumnal plants
Autumn plants for sale at Nymans
An array of autumnal plants

UK grown, peat free plants

All the plants in our plant centre are UK grown and are 100% peat free. Peat bogs are among the rarest and most fragile environments in the UK and we've been committed to selling peat free plants for over 10 years. While browsing in the plant centre look out for anything in a pink pot, these plants have been propogated and grown for us on site in the nursery. 





View across the Arboretum in autumn

Autumn colour in the arboretum

This time of year you’ll be wowed by the spectacular display that the trees provide in the form of autumnal colour in the arboretum.

Autumn colour at Nymans

Autumn colours in the garden

As summer fades to autumn, subtle changes in the garden make this the most mellow time of year to visit. Colour in the garden lasts well into the autumn at Nymans.