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South African border in late summer at Nymans

South Africa meadow  

South African plants are wonderfully diverse, often quietly quirky and outlandishly beautiful. Gardener Kirstin Kelly explains how to plant a meadow full of these diverse and colourful plants.

Nymans rose garden

Radiant Roses 

Nymans Rose Garden holds a huge variety of roses from old-fashioned varieties & modern shrubs to English Roses and ramblers. Subtle rose perfumes punctuate the air on approach and visitors can be seen chasing a particular bouquet to its source.

Charlene Chick at Nymans

The Nursery 

Nymans is a grade II listed garden because of it's significant plant collection. We have one of the most interesting and diverse collections of plants in The National Trust.

Tulipa ‘Night Rider’

Terrific Tulips

With the sudden rise in temperature over the last couple of weeks, it’s not just the Nymans' gardeners who're enjoying the extra warmth. It’s now time for the tulips here to have their moment in the spotlight.

Daffodils outside the forecourt garden

Spring forward into spring 

As a gardener it's an exciting time spying on the rapid efforts of plants emerging from grass or bare soil, revealing such fresh, perfectly untouched foliage and clean colours that hail the start of the season.

Seedlings growing in the nursery

Frenetic February in the Nymans Nursery

During the winter months you’ll find us engrossed in a range of tasks preparing for the season ahead.

A frosty view across the pinetum

Chameleon Conifers

A conifer isn't just for Christmas as gardener Jon Keen explains in the garden blog.

Autumn colour Killerton generci

In the Land of the Long Shadows

Autumn is in full swing, the possibilities of summer are gone, and the chill of winter is on the horizon. But what’s happening and why?

Roses framed against yew hedging

gardening in autumn

Find out more about how to trim yew with the garden team blog.

watering the plants in the glasshouse

Nymans nursery

Take a peek behind the scenes at our nursery and glasshouse...

The summer borders

The summer borders

As we reach the middle of summer with the temperatures finally starting to rise, the summer borders here at Nymans gradually begin to take shape. So what can you look out for this year?