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Find out more about conservation in the house, historical research into the collection and the intriguing Messel family history.

Flowers in the garden link

Nymans celebrates its flowers 

This week our flower arrangers will be creating a number of displays for the annual 'Celebration of Flowers' event. This year the event is a celebration of the life of Lord Snowdon.

Key in dovecote door

The spare key  

A recently unearthed key needs to be cleaned up before we can put it to any use, a great example of how we care for metal pieces in the collection.

Verona fountain in the wall garden

The fountain

In the recent warm and sunny weather we took the opportunity to give the fountain in the Wall Garden a thorough spring clean.

A member of the team blackleading in the Garden Hall

Protecting our historic fireplaces.

One of the messiest annual tasks is black leading the firebacks. All the firebacks are cast iron and each year we need to refresh the protective coating on them.

Comber in the garden

Comber's hat

The new exhibition 'A well designed garden? opened on 21st January. It explores the contributions and additions to the design of garden by the Messel family and their gardeners. We’ve taken this opportunity to display some previously overlooked treasures from our collection.

Girl looks through magnifying glass at pest trap

Pest Management

You may have spotted small plastic boxes tucked into corners or against walls in old historic buildings. These are pest traps, and four times a year they're collected up and we take a look at what we’ve caught. This is a process called Integrated Pest Management. The arrival of Christmas and New Year signalled the last IPM of 2016 for us here at Nymans.

View of Nymans house from the main lawn.

Country Life magazines

The winter clean gave the house team an opportunity to take a closer look at Country Life magazines from the 1930s.

South-west front of the house at Nymans

The architecture of Nymans

The medieval manor that you see today is not as old as it seems. Before any of the Messel family lived here, Nymans was a plain Regency style house, probably built around 1839 by a man named George Harrington.

The Foudroyant

The Foudroyant

A painting by an unknown artist reveals an intriguing story of a shipwreck which inspired poetry and the pride of the nation.