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Pick up a gardening tip

We use hedgecutters to clip our heathers into large hummocks

We use hedgecutters to clip our heathers into large hummocks

Every season has its own set of tasks and projects to keep our garden team busy. Find out what we're working on and gather hints and tips to use in your own garden. When is the best time for laying mulch? Have you turned your compost recently?


What we're working on this winter:

  • Protecting tender plants in the terrace and Mediterranean beds
  • Mulching the bare soil in places like the rock garden and the summer borders.
  • Tidying up the arboretum and the wild garden.
  • Collecting pea stick supports from the woods.
  • Re-laying some of our garden paths.


Things rarely stay the same for very long at Nymans. We are always tackling new projects to improve our management and conservation of the landscape and to integrate our new knowledge into our stories.


We recount last season’s highlights and give you a preview of what’s coming up in our Nymansay newsletter. You can be a part of things, even if you haven't visited yet.

Behind the scenes

We open doors on our winter coservation clean in the house

Ever wondered what’s behind that closed door? We’re delighted to offer you a sneak peak at the important conservation work we do, from after-hours tours of the house to green gardening initiatives in the nursery.

Getting ready for next season © National Trust

Getting ready for next season

The nursery

Our nursery is an essential hub for growing and storing plants. Our tropical specimens often need somewhere warm to shelter in winter and our summer-border plants grow from seeds and are taught drought tolerance here. This is also where we propagate our Nymans Collection to sell in the plant centre.

Plant conservation

All the plants at Nymans are being GPS plotted and added to a central plant database. This work will help us better manage and maintain our important plant collections and rare specimens.

We love to compost

Composting in action © National Trust

Composting in action

Everything out of the garden ends up in our huge compost heaps. The only things we don't compost are pernicious weeds like bindweed, couch grass and oxalis. Our hot heaps reach 70C, reliably killing most pests and diseases.

Let it rain

Making the most of the weather © National Trust

Making the most of the weather

All the rain water that runs off the glasshouse roof is collected and stored in one of three massive water tanks. In total we can store 150,000 litres, which is connected to the garden irrigation system and used to water the nursery.

Organic rose treatments

Keeping things organic © Stephen Robson

Keeping things organic

Our rose garden is completely organic and we carry out a four-week spraying rota to treat the roses for mildew, blackspot and rust whilst also acting as a foliar feed. Ask the garden team for more information.