Summer Holiday Fun at Orford Ness

Take the ferry Octavia across to Orford Ness and whatever your kids are into, you'll find plenty of ways to inspire their natural curiosity this summer.

Hop, Skip and Jump

Have a go at our trail – can you hop like a hare, waddle like a duck and run like a chinese water deer? These are all creatures you're likely to see when you visit Orford Ness. 

Learn about Barn Owls

Take a look at our exhibition about Barn Owls and test your knowledge with our quiz, aimed at KS1 and KS2 ages. On some days over the summer, we will provide 'Learn About Barn Owls with one of our Rangers' sessions, where you can find out why they are protected, how we can help them and you'll have the opportunity to study and dissect owl pellets to discover what the owls have been eating.

Visit our Sheep

We have a sheep info point with a small quiz about the sheep you can see in the field.