Discover the garden this winter

Looking into the formal garden from the terrace with the mist maskinig the bottom of the garden

A unique opportunity to explore the winter garden of Ormesby Hall this February for the first time ever.

New for 2017 the garden can be explored in all its winter glory for the first time this winter, where visitors can wander amongst the bare trees admiring the spring bulbs at their feet.

As you approach the garden gate you will be welcomed by the smell of the Himalayan Sweet Box also known as Sarcococca hookeriana which is a species of evergreen shrub.

Upon entering the garden a fetsoon of winter jasmine has begun to cloak the mansion as they herald the call of spring as the first flowers of 2017. The sunshine yellow of the winter jasmine is a bright compliment to the evergreen features dominating the formal garden.

A bright sunshine yellow of winter jasmine in the winter garden
A close up image of the winter jasmine and the summery yellow colour as it climbs the mansio wall
A bright sunshine yellow of winter jasmine in the winter garden

Following the appearance of the winter jasmine the snowdrops soon emerged from the cold hard ground in the spring garden and are spreading across the ground making a snowy white carpet.

On the tennis lawn standing tall are the strikingly crisp vines of the yew hedges contrasting with the bare skeletal branches of the wistreia and roses.

You can also see how we care for the flowers and plants over the winter. On the terrace the agapanthus in the troughs are still wrapped up for winter as they need extra protection from the elemnts as they don't get residual heat from the ground, but the aganpanthus in the borders are established enough to survive and can be seen.

The winter garden can be explored from Sunday 12th February when the hall and gardens reopen for visitors. Until then the formal garden can be seen on the estate walk which provides the oppurtunity for some magical shots of the house and garden.

A carpet of of snowdrops in the spring garden
Snowdrops emerging from the ground
A carpet of of snowdrops in the spring garden