The Pennyman Coat of Arms at Ormesby Hall

A Robin resting on a fence post

The Pennyman coat of arms was believed to have been commissioned in the mid 1600s by the Pennyman Family. Displayed above the Jacobean Door on the old wing of Ormesby Hall, it has had its fair share of exposure to the elements over the years so it is only natural that it can experience some wear and tear.

The restoration

The conservation project began in 2009 by Cliveden Conservation Ltd when the Coat of Arms experience a small breakage, not wanting it to downgrade the overall look of the Hall, we decided that it would be the right idea to get it repaired properly.

Stage 1 

This is what the Coat of Arms looked like at the start of the project, as you can see it needed a bit of care as well as cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. A lot of work has been undertaken in order to preserve the Coat of Arms as it is quite a historic part of the Hall. We needed to respect the history behind our heraldry and ensure it was restored with the greatest of care. 

Stage 2 

Once the Coat of Arms had been cleaned it was time to begin the forensic investigation in order to decide what colours should be used. Cliveden Conservation Ltd discovered that over the many years 11 coats of paint were used on the Coat of Arms so deciding which colours to go for was not easy. Take a look at all the layers they uncovered, among them they found evidence of silver paint and gold leaf. 

Stage 3

Once they decided which colours would fit best they had the task of painting the Coat of Arms. Normally this would be an easy task but the conservation project was taking place in the winter months when the weather wasn't really on our side.

Stage 4

After the years of preparation the Coat of Arms is almost complete. All of the research that has gone into repairing and conserving it to make it look like it did many years ago has paid off as it truly a magnificent feature of the Hall.