Fred the friendly ghost at Overbeck's

Finding Fred the Ghost at Overbeck's in Salcombe, South Devon

Find Fred the friendly ghost as he plays hide and seek in the house. Generations of families have been coming to Overbeck's to search for him. You never know where he is going to turn up next.

A few words from Fred

There is nothing like a good game of hide and seek.  Over the years I have hidden in all the nooks and crannies of the house.  Staff and visitors alike have a high old time trying to find me.

I see many familiar faces return year on year, searching for me.  Of couse, sometimes I give the game away and make it easy.  I love to see you frown and ponder over this spot and that, finally catching a glimpse with your clues clutched in your hand to make your victorious way to collect your certificate and sticker. 

I hear lots of grown ups telling their little ones that they used to come to find me when they were small.

Of course, it is a very responsible task to make sure you all have a great time and I am happy to oblige.

I hope to see you soon - have fun.