Farewell to Hilary Jack’s Follies

Packwood Follies art installation at Packwood House, Warwickshire

It has comes time for us to say goodbye to artist Hilary Jack’s follies that have happily resided in the landscape at Packwood for a number of years.

Hilary Jack created a contemporary reworking of Baron Ash’s theatrical ‘Follies’ of the 1920s and 1930s  in her innovative playful sculpture in the gardens and parkland at Packwood. 

farewell to the follies
Embedded at Packwood

Both the bed, boldly standing in the parkland inviting adventure and the InsideOutHouse nestled cosily in the woods have delighted visitors, volunteers and staff alike. 

The follies are set to be removed in June to give us time to prepare for something new at Packwood this Autumn.

Hilary Jack's 'InsideOutHouse' at Packwood House
Hilary Jack's 'InsideOutHouse' at Packwood House

Prospect Room

A new contemporary art project at Packwood

Another perspective

Launching October 2017

Packwood are delighted to be working with artist-designer duo David Murphy and Catherine Aitken on a new piece of contemporary art launching this October.

Walk out into the landscape this Autumn and discover the Prospect Room (working title), a space between inside and outside that explores the dynamic between the house and garden. Filtering light and sound, it will play with our senses, presenting new ways of looking at Packwood's ever-changing scenery. The artists describe it as a space with “moments of transparency, opacity and reflectivity - a space perfectly suited to daydreaming” (Aitken and Murphy, 2017).

Come and explore the new contemporary art project from October
Part of the new contemporary art project at Packwood