Make a day of it at Packwood and Baddesley Clinton

One of the gardeners mowing the grass behind a row of alliums

These beautiful National Trust properties are only two miles apart so why not make a whole day of it and visit both these fascinating properties in one trip.

Packwood - A magical country retreat

Graham Baron Ash acquired Packwood in the early twentieth century and restored the original Tudor farmhouse, saving furniture, panelling, floors and fireplaces from other country houses at risk of demolition.

He created at Packwood his own private world where he could live the life of an English country gentleman. Come and take a glimpse into the mind of a wealthy perfectionist and idealist who remains something of an enigma today.

A house to dream of
View of the side of Packwood with alliums
A house to dream of

A Garden to Dream in

Packwood’s contemporary mingled style garden, with herbaceous borders, wildflower meadows and beautiful orchard is the perfect place to dream of carefree summer days. According to legend, the yew trees at Packwood represent the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ and are over 350 years old.

View overlooking the south court at Packwood
View of packwood overlooking the south court and the yew garden
View overlooking the south court at Packwood

Baddesley Clinton - A secluded haven

Baddesley’s story is one of gentle evolution, from medieval farmstead to modest Georgian status symbol and Victorian retreat. This quiet house is full of stories and over the course of its 500 year history has provided refuge for those seeking to escape the outside world –never more so than when it became a place of safety for Catholic priests living in dangerous times.

Baddesley Clinton enjoys the support of the Walsall Association
Visitors on the bridge across the moat at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire.
Baddesley Clinton enjoys the support of the Walsall Association

A parkland setting

There’s something for everyone to enjoy here in the gardens at Baddesley Clinton; play in the woodland, walk around the lake or simply find a quiet seat and relax. The formal walled garden, with flower borders and fruit trees, makes a lovely contrast to the nature trail through the woods and around the fish pools.

To find out more about Baddesley Clinton please follow the link below.