Join us for some family fun at Packwood

Family exploring the woodland

With space and freedom to explore and play, the gardens and parkland here have wide open spaces and winding paths through shady woodlands. We've got lots of fun activities to try on your next family adventure.

Our '50 things to do before you're 11¾' activities will get you and your family out and about exploring all that nature has to offer.

There's nothing quite like fresh air, exercise and family time. You can't beat the fun you'll have in the great outdoors and creating memories that will last a lifetime. The National Trust have created a checklist of activities which will encourage kids to get mucky, discover their wild side and most of all enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer!

Here are a few examples of the activities you can do at Packwood to start you off.

No. 44 Spot a bird

There is a wealth of wildlife in and around Packwood with many species of birds making their home here. To be a successful bird watcher, you'll need to be as quiet as a mouse while you keep a look out for our feathered friends. What will you spot? 

Have you met our friendly robins here at Packwood?
Robin perched on the bench at Packwood
Have you met our friendly robins here at Packwood?

No. 48 Keep a nature diary

Keep a record of your amazing adventures in nature, capturing your memories of the animals and plants you’ve seen. Decide how you’ll record your experiences of nature: will you use words, pictures, sounds or a mixture of everything? You could even write a poem or a story about your adventures.

Find yourself a diary, a scrapbook, or a sound recorder – and get started. Make a note of all the things you’ve seen and done in nature, whether it’s a picnic in the wild, rolling down a huge hill or getting to know a wild animal. Which activity did you enjoy the most?

31. Make friends with a bug

Next time you're out on the Welly Walk or enjoying a stroll there are plenty of bugs to make friends with on your way. Don't forget to pop them back where you found them afterwards.

There are lots of interesting creatures to discover on a bug hunt
Toad found during a bug hunt
There are lots of interesting creatures to discover on a bug hunt

No. 34 Discover wild animal clues

There are lots of different things that you can look for when you're on the trail of an animal or bird. Keep an eye out for footprints, feathers, fur and poo and you might find something sooner than you think.

Don't forget our cafe is open from 9am daily serving hot and cold drinks and light snacks for takeaway only.

Family winter trail - Percy the Park Keeper’s winter wander trail

This winter, treat your little ones to a world of adventures at Packwood on the Percy the Park Keeper's winter wander trail around our welly walk.

Join in the fun with Percy and his animal friends and give nature a helping hand. The trail will take place between Tuesday 4 January – Sunday 30 January, 9am - 3.30pm, so come along and explore the beautiful parkland at Packwood.

£2 per trail.

Plan your winter adventure at Packwood
Children on the winter trail at Packwood
Plan your winter adventure at Packwood

Activity sheets

As you explore Packwood pick up one of our autumn spotter sheets and see how many signs of autumn you can spot and tick them off in the boxes along the way.

Here are a few activity sheets for you to enjoy on your next visit to Packwood and there's plenty to have a go at when your back home too. We'd love to see your creations on our social media sites.

How to make a twig frame (PDF / 0.3MB) download

How to make a leaf hedgehog (PDF / 0.4MB) download

How to make a leaf crown (PDF / 0.4MB) download