In the parkland

The leat and the fish pond at Parke have an amazing history

It's thought the leat could date back to the Domesday Book of 1086, when a mill was recorded as being present in Bovey Tracey. The only probable way this mill was run, was by the leat running through the parkland at Parke.

The fish pond, however, is recorded as being much later with the earliest record coming from 1800.

Work is currently being undertaken to review repairing the weir and the leat at Parke, with the eventual aim of reinstating the fish pond so that the water level within it is returned to its original state. In preparation for this, work has been taking place slowly over the last few years to gradually reveal the pond and ensure that it's much more visible from the parkland.

As well as being an attractive ornamental feature this will be of increasing value for wildlife, creating better foraging areas for bats and keeping the grassland areas wet for another nighttime visitor, the Woodcock, which is regularly seen at Parke during the winter and early spring.