Early bird tours: Delve into the detail

This year we're opening our main gates from 10.30 each day during the main season and offering extra special 'Early bird' tours to help you delve into the detail behind Penrhyn before the castle opens its grand old doors for the day.

Have you ever wondered about the smaller details as you’ve visited a property or the stories behind the collections?

Our new 'Early bird tours' run from 10.30am each day and are designed to give you an insight into the finer detals of Penrhyn Castle.

A painting tells a thousand stories: Detail of the Penrhyn Slate Quarry painting by Henry Hawkins (1822-80)
Penrhyn Slate Quarry by Henry Hawkins (1822-80) at Penrhyn Castle, North Wales.

Discover the history and stories behind the paintings, the relationship with the local community and the smaller items that you may miss during a visit to the castle. 

Learn more about this place and the people behind Penrhyn as you are taken on a voyage of discovery around the castle before it opens to the general public.

" “These led tours are a new way in which we can let people into the castle earlier without impacting our important conservation work. We also want to begin sharing the stories you may not have heard before here at Penrhyn, using our collections and the details within the castle walls to begin this process.”"
- Taya Drake, House Steward at Penrhyn Castle

Our team here at Penrhyn love to share the details and stories behind the items on display - and some that aren't! 

There run from 10,30am each day throughout the main season from 1 March - 5 November

The tours are offered on a first come, first served basis and details are available at the Visitor Welcome Centre on arrival.

Just a small section of the breathtaking architecture inside Penrhyn Castle
 Looking up at the Grand staircase inside Penrhyn Castle


NEW 2017 Opening times:

  • 10.30am - Gardens, grounds, Railway Museum, cafe and Victorian Kitchen
  • 10.30am-12pm - Early Bird Tours (4 tours for maximum of 8 people)
  • 12.00pm - Castle opens to the public (Last entry at 4.30pm

Join us and become mesmerised by the memories and tales of this opulent castle and its historic past.