Life in the Victorian Kitchen at Penrhyn Castle

Volunteering at Penrhyn Castle

Find out what life was really like for a servant in the Victorian Kitchens at Penrhyn Castle by rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in to some of their daily chores.

From the 18 February (2017) we will be opening the Victorian kitchens every day, even when the remainder of the castle is tucked up for it’s annual winter sleep, to give you glimpse into Victorian servant life.

The Victorian kitchen at Penrhyn Castle
Some of the cooking equipment and ingredients set out in the Victorian Kitchen
The Victorian kitchen at Penrhyn Castle

The life of the Pennant family living in the castle may have been one of splendour and excess, but the stories of those working below stairs in the castle can allow a real insight into the running of a Victorian household. 

For instance, did you know that the kitchen staff would often need to be awake and working at their posts hours before their employers, sometimes working up to 20 hours a day?

A collection of shoes all ready for polishing
Shoes lined up in the Boot room ready for a good clean and polish
A collection of shoes all ready for polishing

Chat to our team in the kitchens and find out more about victorian life. You might even get the chance to learn how they made  Bara Brith for the family and their guests' afternoon tea in the castle.

As well as visitong the Victorian Kitchens you can also see our industrial Railway Museum and enjoy the great outdoors, snowdrops and and early signs of sping at Penrhyn on nature walks and trails.

Join us to explore life in the Victorian Kitchens between 11am and 3pm daily from the 18 to 28 February and 11am to 5pm from 1 March (2017).

Bara brith is a traditonal Welsh tea-time treat

Bara Brith from Penrhyn's Victorian Kitchens

Bake some traditional Bara Brith (it's name literally means 'Speckled bread') at home with our easy recipe.