The effects of time at Penrhyn Castle

Image of the damage to the chair in the Slate Bedroom at Penrhyn Castle

'Conservation is considered the careful management of change. We cannot stop change and we cannot stop time.'

This year (2018) Penrhyn Castle and Garden's theme is centered around time and all its elements.

The house team are well aware of time and its effect, dealing with it on a daily basis as they go about their work. Taking care of the precious and delicate items in our vast collection is an ongoing and huge task, and requires constant monitoring and consideration of not only the care of each item, but also the role that it plays in the overall experience and the stories told within the walls of this opulent castle.

This year, see for yourself how time takes its toll on the castle and its contents. Learn more as you walk around each room about the items that need that extra attention and why this work is so vital. 

Find out more about the effects of time on the castle and its contents on the first floor of the castle, access by Grand Staircase and by spiral staircase, each day from 16 June to 4 November 2018, 12pm to 4pm.

As access to our 'Time' exhibitions involves staircases and spiral stairs, we've created a short highlights film.  This will be available to view in the Castle from 23 June.  Please ask in the Grand Hall for more details on where you can find this after this date.