Horse riding at Penrose

A horse at Loe Pool

In 2014 we opened up opportunities for horse riders to experience the spectacular and varied scenery at Penrose by creating over eight miles of new bridleways and by changing footpaths into designated bridleways.

Circular route

We worked with local members of the British Horse Society to identify the link paths to get riders off the roads and to choose the best style of bridleway gates.

The circular route around Loe Pool takes you through the semi-ancient Degibna Wood, across the shingle bank of Loe Bar and around Higher Penrose farm with coastal and farmland views.

If you’re bringing your horse box there are two large car parks to choose from: Helston Fairground (not National Trust), which is free, or Degibna, a quieter car park where there is a £2 donation to the Trust.

Stop at the Stables Café with parkland views, and visit our dedicated grassy area for horses around the side of the building with a mounting block.

Horse riders outside the Stables Cafe, Penrose
Horse riders outside the Stables Cafe
Horse riders outside the Stables Cafe, Penrose

Riding responsibly

Penrose is popular with many visitors including cyclists, runners and dog walkers. To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable visit, please use only the designated bridleways, do not allow your horse to gallop and pass other visitors with care.  

Download the Penrose trails map here (PDF / 0.7822265625MB) download