Things to see and do at Penrose

Cycling at Penrose

The open spaces at Penrose are ideal to explore and learn about the history of the estate. Take a walk through the parkland from Helston to Porthleven or take the kids exploring in the woods, there's loads to enjoy here. Download our trails map for more ideas and information to help you plan your day out.

Loe Pool

Loe Pool is Cornwall's largest freshwater lake and may have played an important role in history, as legends suggest it's home to the Lady of the lake and King Arthur's sword Excalibur, as well as helping develop the bouncing bomb during the Second World War.
A six mile hike takes you round the whole pool.

Wildlife at Penrose

From badgers to bats, Penrose is home to a diverse range of species. In the spring and summer months butterflies and dragonflies can be seen in their dozens around the many tributaries that feed into the Pool and in the autumn and winter the Pool is home to migrating birds such as grebes and tufted ducks.

Cycling at Penrose

We've been working hard to produce cycle trails and a guide to help you make the most of your visit to Penrose. The parkland is ideal for family bike rides whilst the woods over at Degibna offer a bit more of a challenge. 

The outdoor gym

Please note, at the moment sections of our gym are being repaired and aren't available, however there are still some pieces that are including our famous chin-up bar with possibly the best view in the UK.

What's on?

From den building with the rangers to farm visits at Chyvarloe, there are lots of events for everyone at Penrose. 

Don't miss

  • Starling murmerations over the Pool in the late winter
  • The 6 mile walk around Loe Pool
  • Watching migrant birds in the winter from the hide
  • Summer events at the Stables cafe
  • Bike rides through the parkland in the summer
  • Our apple festival in the autumn

On your horse?

Looking for a new place to bring your horse? We've created 12km of new bridleway at Penrose over the last year.