Access to Penshaw Monument

A group make their way up Penshaw Hill

For many of us, Penshaw Monument is a sign of arriving home, and there’s nothing better than completing the challenge of reaching the top of the hill. Which just got easier.

With your help, we’ve cared for this iconic structure since 1939. Now, 80 years and thousands of visitors later, the 110 steps up the (very steep) hill and the grassy areas surrounding them were severely damaged.

To help and improve access to this historic monument, earlier this year professionals W.L. Straughan and Son Ltd. began repairing the steps and the surrounding pathways.

Each step cost around £100 to replace, a job the National Trust can only undertake with the help of its members, donors and supporters. The team also repaired lengths of the footpath that join the steps as well as remove the old materials.

If you would like to get involved with the conservation team, there are lots of volunteering opportunities.