An end to the famous Christmas Food and Craft Fair at Plas Newydd

Press release
Published : 28 Nov 2017

After 8 successful years, the team at Plas Newydd have taken the difficult decision not to hold their annual Christmas Food and Craft Fair this year – as an essential project to conserve and protect the building begins.

With every family home there's always a certain amount of upkeep to be expected and the same is true of Plas Newydd, just on a slightly larger scale.

Over the coming years Plas Newydd will be undergoing a large scale refit (re-servicing) that will see the replacement of the majority of its mechanical services, including heating, electrical, security and fire detection systems - some of which remain untouched since the 1930s

The work is set to start this winter and last until 2020 and has been planned in order to avoid closing the house for large periods of time and also give visitors a chance to see the project as it progresses and experience the house as it may have been the last time work of this magnitude was carried out in the 30s.

The last time large scale work was carried out at Plas Newydd in 1930
An old photo showing scaffolding outside Plas Newydd in the 1930s
The last time large scale work was carried out at Plas Newydd in 1930

However, some rooms may be closed periodically and the closing of rooms over winter does mean that the famous Plas Newydd Christmas Food and Craft Fair will have come to an end, for the time being at least.

Barbara Stanley, Visitor Experience Manager explains:

"The fair has grown unbelievably in the past few years and has a huge following locally. We welcomed over 6000 visitors over the 4 days last year filling the entire house with amazing local food and crafts – doing Anglesey proud”

"The downside of its popularity means that we need all the rooms free in order to continue to host the fair inside the house. As we will be carrying out investigative works this year as part of the project we are unable to predict what rooms would be available to use so we’ve had to make the difficult decision not to hold the Christmas Fair.

“It is disappointing after building up the reputation and success of the Fair over so many years, but we ultimately have to start on this work to care for our special place and safeguard it for years to come.”

Instead, Plas Newydd are  giving people a chance to step back in time to 1965 and experience Plas Newydd as a family home through the eyes of one of the Anglesey children this Christmas.

All ready for Christmas at Plas Newydd, Anglesey
Stockings above the mantlepiece at Plas Newydd
All ready for Christmas at Plas Newydd, Anglesey

"Our new Christmas weekends this year will be a real nostalgic throwback to the 60s, when the current Marquess of Anglesey was in his teens, and include fun family games and first hand recollections from the Anglesey family of how they spent Christmas day at Plas Newydd”

“We're really grateful to everyone who has supported the fair and would really like to invite them to start a new tradition with us this year and continue to support Plas Newydd by joining us for our new family Christmas weekends."

You can visit Plas Newydd and experience ‘An Anglesey child's Christmas’ on the 2, 3, 9, 10, 16 and 17 December between 11am and 2.30pm

(Whistler dining room will not be open during this period. Garden admission price only)

A family Christmas at Plas Newydd

An Anglesey child's Christmas

Find out how the Anglesey children would have experienced Christmas and see and hear how the family that made Plas Newydd their home, celebrated.