Mrs Greville's travels to South America at Polesden Lacey

An old photograph of a herd of llamas

When the weather grew cold and dark here in England, Mrs Greville packed her bags and voyaged to find warmed climes, often in pursuit of yet another social connection. This Easter were finding out more about her travels to South America, the land of the llamas.

In the house

Open from 11am, the house will be full of the sights and sounds of international jet-set travel!

Mrs Greville liked to travel in style
A postcard illustration of a white star liner cruise ship

What went into planning a five month tour around South America? What was on the packing list? Did Mrs Greville catch the wanderlust or was she simply a social climber, prepared to travel far and wide to make new and powerful friends?

All aboard!
Mrs Greville is winched on board a ship

See the photos and postcards Mrs Greville collected while she was away, and discover the people she met and made friends with.

Spring floral extravaganza

The gardeners have outdone themselves and the house is full of sunny yellow daffodils and narcissi on the tables, at the windows, in the fireplaces.

Spring flowers in every corner
Daffodils in the sarcophagus at Polesden Lacey

In the gardens

The gardens will be full of colour to continue the South American theme. Bright scillas will line the walk from visitor reception, the house borders will be bursting with daffodils and tulips in hot colours and deep orange Imperial Fritillaries will be in full bloom around the formal gardens.

Take a garden tour to find out more about the South American plants in Mrs Greville’s gardens and how such exotic plants would demonstrate one’s status in the Edwardian era.  

Our gardeners’ hard work last autumn will pay off when 35,000 daffodil and wildflower bulbs around the gardens burst into life. Look out for them on Walnut Lawn, in the orchard, and lining Admiral’s Walk

A beautiful sunny morning
A view of Polesden Lacey house through some daffodils

Around the estate

Spring is upon us, so there will be plenty to see around the wider estate, including dog’s mercury, wild orchids, kestrels and kites.

Discover blankets of bluebells on a spring walk
A blanket of bluebells in the sun

Take one of four way-marked walks across Ranmore Common and discover carpets of bluebells all over the ancient woodland. Or download our Little Big Walk trail and set off from the carpark.

Mrs Greville’s travels to South America runs from 1 April - 4 May 2017.