Edwardian explorer May half-term trail

An illustration of two wilderness explorer

Become an Edwardian explorer and try your hand at various different survival techniques. The trail takes place from 10am - 3.30pm from Saturday 28 May until Sunday 5 June. £3 per explorer.

What type of Edwardian explorer are you? Explore our wilderness trail to learn some handy tips and tricks for survival and find out whether you'd be classed as an experienced explorer or just a puddle-jumping giggle mug.

Exploring the garden
An illustration of two explorers looking at a caterpillar
Exploring the garden

Simply collect a trail sheet for £3 from the Shepherd's Hut, which is situated in front of the gift shop and don't forget to have fun.

Mum and dads - did you know that May is our 'Artists in Resisdence' month? Find out more about what's going on across the property.

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