Test your french with Polesden Lacey's 1935 Christmas party menu

A trio of puddings and deserts

In 1935, Mrs Greville threw a fabulous Christmas party for the likes of Otto von Bismarck and Sir Austen and Lady Chamberlain. As befitted a star-studded guest-list, Mrs Greville's french chef, Monsieur Delachaume, whipped up a mouth-watering menu featuring fashionable new dishes and delicious old favourites.

Test your french

This is the party menu as it would have appeared at Christmas in 1935 at Polesden Lacey. The menu features many traditional favourites and other dishes that were the height of fashion and demonstrated new feats of culinary skill.

How many of these dishes can you successfully translate? Have a go and then scroll down past the picture of the dining room to find out how many you got right.


Tortue clair  

Filet de Sole Bercy  

Dinonneau Roti a l’Anglaise  

Parfait de foie gras en croutes  

Gelee an Porto  

Salade Waldorf  

Plum Pudding de Noel  

Barquettes de Laitance  

Discover what Mrs Greville's high profile guests ate while they stayed
The dining table at Polesden Lacey dressed for Christmas
Discover what Mrs Greville's high profile guests ate while they stayed

The menu translated


Turtle soup  

Fillet of Sole  

Roast Turkey  

Parfait of foie gras  

Port Wine Jelly  

Traditional Waldorf Salad  

Plum Pudding  

Poached roe pastries    

How well did you do? Whether you speak french or not, why not come and see the dining room dressed as it would have been for Christmas in 1935. We look forward to wishing you a merry Christmas.