Powis Castle: driven by volunteers

A volunteer helps a visitor out of the courtesy car at Powis Castle, Wales.

Since 2011, our courtesy car has helped hundreds of visitors make their way up to the castle and down to the gardens. Now our dedicated team of volunteer drivers is looking for some new, friendly drivers to join their ranks.

Our volunteer drivers make a visit to this National Trust gem even more enjoyable. They welcome everyone aboard; visitors who have difficulty negotiating the terraces, families struggling with pushchairs and even those who’d just prefer to escape the rain! It’s all about making sure that everyone at Powis has a great experience.
We’re now looking for some new volunteer drivers to join the team, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays or on a more flexible basis. 

“What’s involved?”  we hear you cry 

Most importantly, a smile! Our drivers provide a friendly welcome for all our visitors across the property. They’re always there to answer questions or offer a helping hand. 
Gary Wann, volunteer driver says: “It’s very satisfying helping people explore the whole property, especially those who might miss out on the garden if it wasn’t for the lift we provide. We can also transport wheelchairs in our car.”


So, how do I get involved?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver at Powis, or have any questions about the role, please contact us on 01938 551929 (option 3) or email us.
We look forward to welcoming you abroad!