Step behind the ropes at Powis this summer

A view of the gallery bedroom with white dust sheets covering some furniture

Step beyond the ropes into many of the small, intimate rooms off the Long Gallery for the very first time and experience what the castle would traditionally have looked like during the summer.

‘The Season’

At the turn of the 20th century it was common for the social elite to leave their large country houses from April to August in favour of their smaller London townhouses. The Herberts at Powis were no different.
They moved to Berkeley Square, London, in order to attend glamourous events including debutante balls, dinner parties, charity events and exciting sporting events such as Ascots, Epsom and Wimbledon.
Whilst the family were away the staff who remained at the castle would have undertaken a huge summer clean before putting furniture ‘to bed’ under thick white dust covers – a process that was carried out at country houses up and down the country.

Secrets waiting to be uncovered

This summer we’re covering selected pieces of furniture in four rooms, so we can grant you access and allow you to experience a country house as it would have traditionally been seen by summer visitors.
Between June and September, you’ll be able to see aspects of the castle previously unseen by visitors. Don’t miss the delicately carved 17th century bedstead in the Walcot Room, the small private dressing area in the Gallery bedroom and the elaborate door carvings in the Duke’s room. 
Don't miss the beautiful wooden door carvings in the Duke's Room
Ornate carving on a door in the Duke's Room
Don't miss the beautiful wooden door carvings in the Duke's Room

It’s not just inside either. As you step into these rooms, remember to take in the spectacular views of the garden from the State Bathroom and Duke’s bedroom windows. 
Keep an eye open for our costumed interpreters who will be able to tell you more about the process of ‘putting the castle to bed’ and the role different servants played in this.