Sheringham rangers report ‘good’ frog spawning season

Press release
The common frog
Published : 27 Mar 2017 Last update : 06 Dec 2017

Rangers at Sheringham Park, Norfolk, have welcomed a ‘good’ year for frog spawn. In the last month ponds around the country have echoed with the sound of grunting frogs and toads searching for a mate. Female frogs and toads wake from hibernation swollen with spawn. The spawn is fertilised by the males as it is laid in ponds in late February and early March.

Malcolm Fisher, visitor services manager, said: “It has been a good year for frogs. We have one pond that was absolutely jam packed with frogs this year.

“The toads’ spawning season is just past its peak. There were times when people had to watch where they were walking because there were so many toads on the footpaths, trying to get to our ponds.”

Families visiting Sheringham Park can look forward to seeing the tadpoles grow into froglets and toadlets in the coming weeks.

Mr Fisher added: “We created one pond in the park just seven years ago. It’s a place we encourage families to visit. In the last three years we have had good numbers here.”

The parkland at Sheringham was set out by star Georgian landscape designer Humphrey Repton and is home to a variety of wildlife including chiffchaff, woodpeckers and the holly blue butterfly.

Parkland is one of fifty ‘priority’ wildlife habitats hand-picked by government as needing support. The National Trust aims to create 25,000 hectares of new ‘priority’ nature habitats by 2025 – equivalent to over 30,000 Premier League football pitches.

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