Garden restoration: the next step

The lakes, dams and Palladian Bridge date from the mid 1700s when the garden was created. Since then there have been several upgrades and repairs to the dams, creating new layers of history with each generation.

Over the last few years the condition of the dams has declined, with the middle dam in particular becoming unstable. For safety reasons we’ve had to prevent access to the middle dam whilst we plan for its repair.

We’re now in the planning stages of a major restoration project to rebuild the middle dam and improve the bottom dam, to ensure the success and resilience of the dams for many, many years to come.

We are working with engineers, archaeologists, and landscape architects to plan for the project.

You might notice the start of preliminary work as we move towards a sensitive restoration, in keeping with Ralph Allen’s original vision for the garden.

In the meantime we will be keeping the water level low in the middle lake, to relieve the pressure on the middle dam.