Spring wildlife

The garden is teeming with life in spring. Birds begin to nest and you might spot cygnets or ducklings around the lakes.

You'll spot swans laying their eggs, with cute and fluffy, then mischievous cygnets learning to swim and fly on the lake. 

There are large groups of ducks, and you might spot a puddling of ducklings following mum through the garden.

The resident kingfisher makes the lakes his homes, and you'll spot it as a streak of blue flying across the lake. 

Up in the pasture, our cows will make a reappearance from April. 

Spring is a great time for wildlife spotters - if you're very quiet you might be lucky enough to spot a Roe deer, badgers or our resident fox. 

Birdsong is particularly lovely at this time of year. 

Roe deer in the pasture at Prior Park

Each year our cygnets turn out to be rambunctious!
Swan and cygnets on the lake