What we're up to this winter

A gardener drawing up plans

Winter in the garden is a great time to catch up on all the jobs we've been too busy to do in the summer.

We had a visit from Mike Calnan, Head of Gardens, to discuss the line of lime trees which were planted to the east of the bridge in 2000. Going by a garden plan from 1762 they show as a definite feature but now, getting up to twenty feet tall, they are having an interesting effect depending on where you are looking at them in the garden. From the bottom, dam they frame a view of the mansion and from the top viewpoint they obscure some of the bottom lake, making it appear as a river disappearing round to the left, but from other places it’d be good to get glimpses of the bridge.

The upshot is that we are going to remove two from the southern end and all the Turkey oaks also planted at the same time. We also looked at the Horseshoe walk which may well have been a carriage ride route in the 18th century; when looked at in this way it’s interesting to consider how we might encourage new perspectives on views and plantings.