Dawn Hoskin

Curator, Hardwick Consultancy, Midlands

Dawn Hoskin - Curator

I started working as a Curator for the National Trust in 2018. This has been an ambition of mine for a long time and I feel incredibly privileged to be working with such outstanding collections, properties and landscapes.

Tattershall Castle on the back of a daisy camp

I’ve always had overlapping interests in art, design, social histories and the natural environment. Being a Curator with the Trust is a wonderful role where all of these come together. 

I like creating things with my hands and studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam. However, I realised my interest veered more towards the research and discussions in developing artwork, rather than the making.

I enjoy exploring various histories and stories, asking questions, understanding how things came to be and what their relevance is today. As a Curator, I relish undertaking ‘detective work’ to uncover information and finding engaging ways to share this with a variety of audiences.

Take a look inside the lumber room
The Lumber Room in Mr Straws House
Take a look inside the lumber room

To understand more about working in heritage and museums, I studied for a Masters in Art Museum and Gallery Studies at Newcastle University. I also volunteered at local art galleries and community heritage projects to get as much experience as possible.

I previously worked at the Victoria & Albert Museum as a Cataloguer and Assistant Curator in various departments, including Furniture, Textiles, Prints and Ceramics. I also worked on the major redevelopment of the Europe 1600-1815 Galleries for five years.

In this time I covered an array of subjects including: 18th century Venice; early balloon flight; Windsor chairs; cycling posters and LGBTQ histories. This experience put me in good stead as I now find myself working with a range of collections, properties and projects.

Visit Clumber Park
Clumber park and Church in the summer
Visit Clumber Park

The variety of work involved in being a National Trust Curator is inspiring, from edging past rows of bottled jam in the attic of Mr Straw’s House, to cycling round the expanses of Clumber Park to understand visitor routes.

I’ve discussed the display of gargoyles at Tattershall Castle; assisted the acquisition of a dalek at Sudbury’s Museum of Childhood; advised on the refurbishment of toilets; and been warned of ghosts at Norbury.

With a number of significant of projects on the go, including the epic Clumber Park Revitalised, I’m excited for what the future holds.