Restoring rotting beams at Townend

Manager, Townend, Cumbria

Emma Wright - Manager, Townend
400-year-old oak beams at Townend that need replacing
Imagine how it feels to press against a 400-year-old solid oak beam and feel it crumble beneath your fingers. That was what we were faced with when we checked the condition of the beams holding up this Grade I-listed farmhouse, and found wet rot – a timber-attacking fungus.
Townend, in the Lake District, Cumbria, is one of the Trust’s smaller properties. It was the home of the Browne family for 12 generations and has been in Trust care since 1948. Replacing two beams will be a huge undertaking – the whole project, including re-rendering and decorating the house, will probably take us six months and cost in excess of £100,000.
There has been a huge response already from our visitors and supporters who want to make donations towards the work. We plan to reopen the house by the end of July, and hope that all the work will be completed by the end of August.