Volunteer Management Traineeship

Volunteer Management Trainee, Keeley Hensby with volunteers at Fan Bay

The Volunteer Management Traineeship was a Heritge Lottery Funded (HLF) programme with the aim to recruit, train and support a new generation of volunteer managers. The project has now finished, but our evaluation reports and resources are available for you to read and use.

Why was this project important
As a charity, the work of our volunteers is crucial – our 70,000 volunteers contribute 3.7 million hours annually. So it's really important that we support and inspire our volunteers, with skilled volunteer managers.

What did the trainees get?
Based at properties across the UK trainees undertook an 18-month on-the-job training programme, which included gaining an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 3 qualification in Volunteer Management.

Who took part?
From ex- hairdressers, actors and tree surgeons to policewomen and first-time employees, our 17 trainees came from all walks of life. There was a ‘no experience necessary’ job description to encourage as many different people to apply. The result was a programme that addressed the skills shortage in this area, at the same time as increasing the diversity of people working in the Heritage sector.

Discover more about the Volunteer Management Traineeship 
Want to find out more about how the project worked and the trainees involved? Read on to hear their stories and find out what they achieved.


Inspiring a new generation of volunteers

Hear from some of the Volunteer Management Trainees about how they are inspiring younger generations to start volunteering.

Latest updates

07 Jun 17

What have we learnt and how could it help you? Read our Impact report

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery funding, we were able to gain a huge amount of insight into the training of volunteer managers and the impact on their careers, our places and our volunteers. All of which is important for the heritage sector as a whole. That's why we're sharing the knowledge we’ve gained in this report, which also has links to lots of free resources.

Download the report to find out more about the project.

Trainees, Richard and Rick, laughing as they share lessons learnt while on the traineeship

14 Mar 17

Where are they now? Meet former trainee, Gemma Jackson

When Gemma started as Volunteer Management Trainee, it changed the direction of her career. Find out how the traineeship led to a job supporting 400 volunteers at Diabetes UK.

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Gemma Jackson, a former Volunteer Management Trainee standing with new colleagues at Diabetes UK

24 Jan 17

Volunteer Management Trainees; where are they now?

We caught up with Jess Wharf, former Volunteer Management Trainee at Hardcastle Craggs and Marston Moor to find out what she's up to now.

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Former Volunteer Management Trainee Jess Wharf with volunteers