Channel 4's "The Mill"

“Powerful historical drama series, based on the lives of real people, telling the story of young 19th century apprentices taking their lives into their own hands for the first time” Channel 4

In early 2013 and again in 2014, Quarry Bank was home to Darlow Smithson Productions who filmed two series of the popular drama ‘The Mill’, commissioned by Channel 4. The series was a blend of fact and fiction, inspired by the people and stories of Quarry Bank’s history.

The programme followed the lives of the mill owners, mill workers and apprentices as they navigated their way through the time of the Industrial Revolution, social reform and political change.

The drama opened up the world of Quarry Bank in the 1830’s. Forty years after creating his cotton mill, Samuel Greg is headstrong in his ways and his son, Robert desperate to modernise. The series follows the people behind the Greg name, their ideals and principles and also their issues and disputes.

Change and reform dominated the 19th century, Daniel Bates, an engineer, was a keen supporter of the political reforms to reduce working hours and tried to awaken a sense of fight amongst his fellow workers. Meanwhile at the Apprentice House, delve the lives of Esther Price, Susannah and Miriam Catterall as they find their way as apprentices within the cotton industry and life working for the Gregs.

Costumes from the television series The Mill in our exhibition at Quarry Bank

'The Mill' Exhibtion 

Visit us here at Quarry Bank and take a look at our exhibition exploring the fact behind the fiction of the series, with behind the scenes photos, and props, costumes and parts of the set on display

Filming of The Mill at Quarry Bank

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