Farewell to the Clockwork Garden

Imagery from 'The Clockwork Garden' exhibition and event

The mechanical seed in the Clockwork Garden has been learning about gardens all summer long at Quarry Bank. But what happened next? Did the seed make it safely home? Did the Donks learn to love gardens? Find out what happened when the seed landed back on Meccha_Donk...

Thank you to everyone who's visited The Clockwork Garden this summer to protect it from the mechanised grizzlies and taught the mechanical seed all you know about gardens.

Today the mechanical seed folded up and soared back to planet Meccha_Donk, packed full of all the colours and sounds, inventions and stories of a real human garden. It landed right beside Clever-Jin’s house and began to reveal the marvels it had learned. As it did so, it flourished into a huge and wondrous garden that spread out across the planet.

The sound of the blooming seed startled the other Donks out of their work. They looked around them wide eyed and saw their world as if for the very first time. When they caught sight of the garden their ticking hearts felt completely new feelings: amazement, curiosity, and especially joy. So much joy that they began to laugh and laugh and LAUGH! This clamorous sound echoed all the way up to the dark Orange Moon high above.

There is a rumour that hearing all those gleeful Donks made the Orange Moon have a little change of heart. That it’s freezing, fearful core softened just a little. They say that deep down it might actually prefer it when the Donks are happy and not just working all the time. There are even whispers that the mechanized grizzlies are being re-trained as secret gardeners to help look after the wondrous new garden. The garden that YOU made possible.

Through all your games, all your creativity and your laughter this summer you have made something truly brilliant happen. As the season drifts from summer into autumn, we hope that you will follow the garden philosophers’ way and seek out all the fresh wonders of the Earth’s beautiful and ever-changing gardens.

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