Breathing new life into the mill

Mill workers at Quarry Bank

The Iconic Mill

The mill has been the beating heart of the visit to Quarry Bank for many years.

The opportunity to witness the historic textile machinery in use; to hear the whirring thunderous sounds and to be part of the experience as the machines start to shake the floor is an unforgettable part of the visit.

The Quarry Bank Project seeks to transform the whole site and this includes the mill. Firstly, we hope to provide better access with a new entrance from ground floor level and a lift to access all five levels. This will enable you and your family to enjoy all areas of the mill from the whirring and turning of cogs on the steam engines in the power gallery to the luxurious surroundings of the mill manager’s office.

The proposed improved access will put you in charge of your visit. Instead of following a clearly defined route you will be able to access the areas of the mill that you are particular interested in whether that be the temporary exhibitions, the machine floors or specific events.

New stories and new interpretation

The stories that we tell in the mill will change as we begin to spread them across the whole site. Particular areas of focus will be Samuel Greg and how he grasped the opportunities presented in the Industrial Revolution; the ingenuity and innovation to power the mill; and life for the workers during this tumultuous time.

The fresh interpretation will seek to provide a better sense of working life here at Quarry Bank. Through permanent exhibition materials, interesting gems from the archive and collection on display, hands on activities, temporary exhibitions and engaging demonstrations the complete story of Quarry Bank mill will come to life.

The Quarry Bank Project will also ensure the protection and future care of machinery. By carrying out much needed research we will better understand the maintenance requirements and skills needed to care for the machinery.